Google Reviews For Service Business

In today’s world, most people are using the internet to aid any buying decisions they need to make.  From selecting a plumber or an auto mechanic, to choosing a hotel, we’re searching on Google and doing our own research to choose the best company.

More and more, the feedback and reviews of other people are helping us in these decisions.  Further, even the fact of having reviews, or not having reviews, can say many things about a business!  Getting reviews, and getting good reviews, is absolutely critical for any digital marketing strategy!

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Getting Google Reviews For Your Service Business

This is the topic we’re going to dive into on the fourth episode of Local SEO Tactics.  We’re talking about how to get reviews for your business, how reviews can improve your web rankings, and some of the best practices you can implement to get great reviews.

Most of us have been asked to take a survey, leave a review, or provide some level of feedback for a service/product/exprience we’ve paid for.  Rarely, if ever, do we act on those requests.  We’re all busy…so if you’re going to get customers to leave a review, they need to have a compelling reason, and it needs to be fast and easy to do.

We’ll also talk about strategies you’ll want to avoid like the plague.  For example, if you buy reviews, or bribe customers for 5 star reviews, you’re going to be slapped with penalties (at least by Google) and your exposure will suffer greatly.

Learn about our “Mr Rogers” approach to getting reviews.  It will get your service team engaged, and you’ll find customers WANT to leave you reviews!

Reviews are an important factor in your SEO strategy.  We’ll break down how you can benefit from reviews, so you can maximize the SEO benefits, to attract more new leads, and convert them into customers.

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  • How reviews influence a prospective customer
  • How getting reviews can impact your Google rankings
  • Strategies on how to get great Google reviews
  • Tips for making it fast and easy for customers to execute reviews
  • How to leverage reviews on your website and in your marketing


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