How to Incentivize Your Employees to Get Google Reviews with Theresa Mattioli

Making Reviews Part of the Company Culture Join Jesse and Sue in this episode as they sit down with Theresa Mattioli of Giant Enterprises, to discuss her journey with getting online reviews. They get into how crucial reviews are for a geography-based business like Giant Enterprise, starting from a passive approach to implementing a contest that motivated service technicians to actively seek reviews. Giant Enterprise exemplifies how prioritizing customer engagement and feedback has boosted their Google reviews from a handful to over 400, significantly enhancing their online visibility and reinforcing their company values. Key Takeaways: Discover why reviews are crucial for geography-based businesses like Giant Enterprise. How implementing incentives like contests can motivate employees to actively seek customer reviews. Understand why integrating reviews into company culture is essential for sustained success. Follow along to learn how integrating a robust review strategy can pave the way for sustained business success! Ask SEO questions and get a free SEO audit on our website! FREE SEO AUDIT: Ask us a question: The Importance of Customer Reviews In the competitive digital landscape, local SEO can significantly impact your business’s visibility [...]