Using The Same Background Image On Every Page Of Your Website – 50

Is It Okay To Use The Exact Same Background Image On All Of Your Web Pages? Here we are at episode 50!  A small but significant milestone for the Local SEO Tactics shows so we want to first thank you for the support and feedback on this journey!  In today's episode, we feature our first call-in question.  Evelyn, asks if it is okay to use the same background image on all pages of your website?  We cover this, and some related scenarios, to talk about the SEO impact as well as the user experience for choosing to do this! YOU'LL LEARN Does it hurt SEO to use the same background image Make sure the background image does not slow your page load times It is better to use original photos over stock photos You can use a slider instead of a background image if it makes sense on your page Sometimes a background image does not reformat to a responsive page properly Use a slider with image effects like Ken Burns effect to create movement and animation Here is the transcription [...]