Some Of Our Favorite WordPress Plugins – Interview With Joe Anderson – 039

Learn What Plugins We Use To Power Our Websites With Joe Anderson From Metaphor Creations This week Jesse interviews Joe Anderson from Metaphor Creations, talking about Wordpress plugins and taking a peek at some of the powerful plugins we use at Intrycks to power our websites.  These plugins help to create dynamic content on your website, keeping them fresh and engaging for your customers and prospects.  Plus we unveil our newest collaboration, Agile Alerts, and announce the free Beta Registration on the show. YOU'LL LEARN Interview with Joe Anderson of Metaphor Creations Intrycks collaborates with Metaphor Creations on a regular basis to provide websites and digital marketing services to customers Our new collaboration is now live and taking beta users Joe has been a Wordpress developer since 2011 It's very important to create good and "sticky" content for your website, to keep users engaged Use the Content Duplicator plugin to quickly create new page or post templates for your Wordpress website Always change the page title, URL, and content on a duplicated page so as to avoid actual duplicate content Use the Alternate Timed Content plugin to schedule when you want [...]