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Local SEO Tactics

How To Create An Effective Content Strategy For Your Website – 038

Develop A System To Consistently Produce New Content For Your Website Content is king, but producing good relevant content for your website is easier said than done. Especially if you need to put out that content on a regular basis. In this episode we share some tips and tactics on how to create a content production strategy that allows you to stay on track and keep putting out fresh content. Learn how to get easy ideas for content, what type of content you should produce, and how often you should be creating it. Plus, don't forget to setup your website to automatically alert Google when you have new content on your site, too! YOU'LL LEARN You need to have a regular content production schedule to continually produce new content for your website Your level or quantity of content production will depend on what your competition is doing You can research your competition to see what their content output is by viewing their blog, or checking their XML sitemaps You need to be active in producing new content because Google is continually looking for new content to show in search results [...]

How To Create An Effective Content Strategy For Your Website – 0382024-06-12T17:37:57-05:00

How To Submit You Website To Google and Bing – 037

Get Your Website Submitted To Google and Bing And Have Your Pages Indexed For Search Listings Learn how to submit your website to Google and Bing, to make sure your pages are indexed and available to show up on search engine results pages (SERP). The only reliable way to accomplish this is to use the Google Search Console to submit your website to Google, and to use Bing Webmaster Tools to submit your website to Bing. In this weeks episode we'll walk you through the basics on how to get your website submitted, make sure the Google and Bing know about new pages, and ensure that your pages able to be found by the search engines! YOU'LL LEARN The only way to submit your website to Google Setup your account in Google Search console (GSC) to submit your website You need to submit a sitemap in your GSC account Your sitemap acts like a Table of Contents for Google, to help them understand your website pages You should be using a Wordpress plugin or some other method to auto-update your sitemap when you create new content You can manually submit a [...]

How To Submit You Website To Google and Bing – 0372022-01-18T10:05:38-06:00

Using Category Pages For SEO Improvements On Your Website – 036

How To Create and Use Category Pages To Improve The SEO On Your Site Use category pages to boost the SEO on your website!  Category pages are very helpful for multiple reasons.  They are an easy way to produce content on your site, and attack specific keyword or phrases you're trying to rank for.  Category pages can boost your SEO by helping to group relevant web pages together, so Google can understand the products and services you provide and better match them up with the searchers intent.  This approach is also great for your actual human web visitors, too, since it gives them natural navigational hubs to learn more or explore your offerings further.  We'll walk you through some easy ideas and concepts, to help you get started making or improving your own category pages. YOU'LL LEARN Using category pages on your website to round up content on similar topics Improve your SEO and search engine rankings with category pages Begin by looking at the type of products and services you offer and put them into groups Come up with the category for each of these groups and create a category [...]

Using Category Pages For SEO Improvements On Your Website – 0362022-01-18T10:07:49-06:00

Interview With Nate Hirsch From About How To Bootstrap and Scale Your Marketing With Freelancers – 035

Hire Top Talent On A Temporary Or Part-Time Basis To Instantly Increase Business Productivity This week we interview Nate Hirsch from, who teaches us how you can use freelancers to scale your company on a budget. Nathan Hirsch is a 28 year old serial entrepreneur who is an expert in hiring online and building eCommerce businesses. He co-founded his first eCommerce company out of his dorm room in 2009 built it to sell over $25 million worth of product over 5 years. While scaling, Nathan discovered the power of outsourcing and ended up building a remote army of freelancers. In 2015, Nathan co-founded and became the CEO of FreeeUp, an online hiring marketplace that allows business owners fast access to a hand-picked network of top talent freelancers in eCommerce, digital marketing, web development, and much more who have already been vetted for skill, attitude, and communication. Nate shares his story of entrepreneurship, delegation, and scaling a small business on a bootstrap budget. Using freelancers to supplement your team can provide some great benefits to local business owners. You can hire top quality individuals quickly, and instantly improve the talent on your team [...]

Interview With Nate Hirsch From About How To Bootstrap and Scale Your Marketing With Freelancers – 0352022-01-18T10:08:46-06:00
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