Learn How To Optimize Images For Web Speed and SEO Benefits – 048

How To Optimize Your Website Images For Faster Page Speed and SEO Improvements Images and graphics are an important part of any website, landing page, or sales page.  Images help tell your story, showcase your brand, or clarify an example.  As the adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words!  In this episode, we will cover some of the basic things you should be doing to optimize the images that you use on your web site.  You can get your pages to load faster, and you can take advantage of some very important SEO benefits with image optimization.  Take a listen and hopefully, you will learn a new trick or two! YOU'LL LEARN Google can tell if you are using stock photography or not Google Vision AI can determine an image object, relevancy, and topical associations Use your own original photos and [...]

How To Optimize Your Web Page For A Keyword A Basic Overview – 047

Basic Best Practices For How To Target Keywords On Your Website Optimizing a page for a keyword; it's a topic that comes up weekly here at our agency. There are many elements that go into successful SEO and web page optimization. That said, if you're not doing the basics in relation to the keyword you are targeting, the rest is tough sledding. In this episode, we'll walk through the basic block and tackle what you should focus on how to optimize a web page for a keyword or phrase. YOU'LL LEARN To have a successfully optimized page, you must not skip the basics of keyword targeting Getting your keyword into the URL of the page is great if you can do it Be sure to incorporate your keyword phrases into your headings Develop the page content on purpose with the keyword and related phases in mind Adding images with file [...]

Create A Website Content Strategy And Get Help Making New Content For Your Site – 046

Develop A Content Strategy For Your Website Which You Can Easily Delegate Content is king!  This phrase is virtually beaten to death in the marketing world nowadays.  But, it's true.  At the end of the day, content is what Google serves up, and content is what we need to produce to be found in Google.  Producing content can be very intense, overwhelming, and time-consuming.  Be smart about it, and develop a website content strategy that you can not only execute yourself, but one that you can also delegate internally, or externally to talented experts! YOU'LL LEARN You must do keyword research to identify the proper phrases to target and incorporate into your content Write pages that answer common questions your customers are asking When you type pages, use the tone of talking to the customer directly Determine the frequency you can stick to for how often to put out new [...]

Discover What Google My Business Categories Your Top Competitors Are Using – 045

Hack Your Competitors GMB Categories To Discover What They Are Using For Their Business In this episode, we will go over two important aspects of properly positioning and optimizing your Google My Business Listing (GMB Listing). The first topic is how to identify your primary digital competitors, who may be different than the historical competitors you are aware of! The second topic is how to peek under the hood and discover what categories your competitors are choosing for their Google My Business listings. The process may seem a bit technical and complicated as we walk through it, but it's actually quite easy once you do it in practice! YOU'LL LEARN Why it's important to understand your digital competition versus your historical competition How to search on desktop and mobile search to find out who your primary competitors are Look for competition who is dominant in the map pack Choosing your [...]

Improving Website Speed For WordPress Part 2 – Interview With Joe Anderson – 044

Improving Website Speed For Wordpress Part 2 - Interview With Joe Anderson - 044 Joe Anderson of Metaphor Creations is back for part 2 in our discussion about website speed and optimization. We'll go over page caching for your website, to understand how a cache works, and how using a page cache plugin can speed up your website. We'll also dig into plugins, for what makes them great and what makes them dangerous! Keep your site running smoothly by following these best practices and helpful tips. YOU'LL LEARN What caching is and how to use caching on your website Use page caching to make future visits to your web page very fast for users Use Wordpress plugins to minimize your script and make your site load faster Using minimizing plugins can help but you must be careful and test your site afterwards When choosing plugins for Wordpress make sure you [...]



5 Star Reviews

Great podcast for small businesses

Awesome content. Super valuable for those attempting to navigate the mysterious world of SEO.  –  RWB Arts

5 Star Reviews

Great SEO Info!

This podcast is great for SEO information! This is definitely not my area of expertise, but Jesse breaks it down and makes SEO more understandable with real tactics to implement, even for the SEO challenged!  – AngieBrown26

5 Star Reviews

So many ways to improve your SEO

As a former tech/web guy, I already knew quite a bit about SEO. But, after listening to Local SEO tactics, I realize how much I DIDN’T know. These guys have so many different ways to improve your searchability, plus they make it easy to implement! Great for local businesses!  – andrewheimbiz

5 Star Reviews

Makes SEO so easy!

Thanks so much for this podcast. You’re making SEO easy for everyone to understand. Your episodes are short and sweet, so they make it easy for me to listen to them when I’m washing the dishes or on my short commute.  – Dina Cataldo

5 Star Reviews

Always A Golden Nugget

Always A Golden Nugget
SEO is complex and overwhelming. The Intrycks team does a great job of breaking it down into manageable segments that I can handle and act on immediately. This podcast will be on my subscription list!  – Seth.Brink

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Local SEO Tactics Podcast

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Discover how to identify your ideal customers online, get your website ranked at the top for the searches you want, generate more qualified leads, and how to convert those leads into new customers at a higher rate.