Business Owner Interview – Charlie Sung Talks About Taking Over A Dental Practice and Investing In SEO To Grow His Business – 206

Dental Practice Transformation With The Help Of SEO In this episode of Local SEO Tactics, join hosts Jesse, Sue, and Bob as they sit down with Charlie Sung, an Australian Dentist and business owner who shares his inspiring journey from being a dentist in an existing practice to becoming the owner. Discover how Charlie's strategic investment in SEO played a pivotal role in the business's transformation into a thriving success story. What You’ll Learn Why Charlie went from a dentist to owning a dental practice and how this shift impacted his business How he harnessed SEO strategies to boost his dental practice's online visibility and customer base What strategies and insights from his experiences can help other entrepreneurs and SEO enthusiasts Thanks for listening! Show your support of the show by sharing and reviewing us wherever you get your podcasts. Ask SEO questions and get a free SEO audit on our website! Jesse Dolan: Have you ever thought about going from an employee to the owner of the business that you're working at? Check out today's interview. We've got Dr. Charlie Sung from Choice Dental [...]