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Local SEO Tactics

On Page Optimization Tips for SEO Success – 156

How to Focus the Keywords on Your Webpage for User Intent If you're in need of tips on how to optimize your website page-by-page, this episode is for you! In this solo episode, Jesse discusses the need to optimize your pages for intent, including what you want to be found for and what search terms you know potential clients will use to search for your product or industry. Using this knowledge, you'll be able to easily up the SEO game on every aspect of your website and get a leg up on your competitors. Do you find you get great value out of Local SEO Tactics? Give us a review on the platform of your choice! It helps us out and is greatly appreciated! Thanks for checking us out. What you’ll learn How to identify the intent of your page. Why it's important to have page-by-page focus. What parts of your webpage require special attention. Transcript For On Page Optimization Tips for SEO Success - 156 Jesse Dolan: Google shows individual webpages and their search results. So [...]

On Page Optimization Tips for SEO Success – 1562022-04-26T20:05:50-05:00

Frequently Changing Your GBP Description To Target New Keywords – 155

How Often Should You Change Your Targeted Keywords? Whether you have a business with seasonal business flows or perhaps are looking to change up your services, the question of how often to update or change your GBP keywords may come up. In this episode, Jesse, Bob, and Sue discuss whether or not you should be updating your GBP seasonally to reflect business trends, or whether it's best to keep consistent with your keywords and messaging throughout the year! Visit us on our questions page and hit us up with your questions! We'd love to use your question for a future episode! Thanks for stopping by! What you’ll learn Why it may be best to target even seasonal keywords year round. What to consider for ranking your GBP. How important reviews are to your GBP. Transcript For Frequently Changing Your GBP Description to Target New Keywords - 155 Jesse Dolan: These words that you are going to be trying to rank for, that you're kind of manipulating your description about, have them in the first sentence or two. [...]

Frequently Changing Your GBP Description To Target New Keywords – 1552022-04-12T18:46:26-05:00
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