How To Setup Google My Business Listings

We’re super excited to be sharing this first episode with everyone!  We’ve been operating a local service business since 1995, and have tried all sorts of marketing – from direct mail and telemarketing, to commercials, feet-on-the-street canvasing, and even broadcast faxing (anyone remember that?!).

As the years passed, and as Google became a household name, our energies shifted primarily to online and digital marketing…and we got pretty good at it.

Fast forward to 2018, and we now have a separate business, Intrycks, which is solely focused on providing digital marketing and SEO to local service businesses, like ourselves.

Which leads us to today, and the launch of our new weekly show “Local SEO Tactics”!  We’re excited, and nervous, to be offering up our thoughts, opinions, strategies, and marketing tactics with this new platform.  Our goal is to empower you to take action and improve your exposure online, to dominate your local market and establish a steady stream of new customers for your business.

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So – in our years of helping ourselves, and hundreds of other small businesses, what have we learned?  Nothing beats ranking high in Google!

Our first episode jumps right in to the Google arena, as we discuss the importance of being listed in the Google My Business (GMB) directory.  We find that most businesses see a 50% increase in the volume of new leads when their GMB is properly setup and ranking high.

We’ll walk you through how to get registered, how to list your business, and how to verify your business with Google.

Check out the show notes below for resource links, guides, and a link to watch the episode in video format!

Thanks for checking our our first episode!

If you want to dig even deeper, check out the brand-new course Dominate GMB, which will be launching soon!  We’ll be talking more about the course later, but you can signup for the wait list now (and get a special bonus).

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  • What Google My Business (GMB) listings.
  • How GMB listings can help your business.
  • How GMB listings can benefit your website.
  • How to create and account and setup your GMB listing.
  • How to choose the correct business category.
  • How to properly verify your business.


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