Rethinking Your Strategy For Google Business Profile (GBP) SEO

Jesse is joined by Victor Perez in this episode of Local SEO Tactics, where he brings valuable insights for boosting your Google Business Profile’s visibility and ranking, ensuring your business stands out in local search results. They emphasize the shift from optimizing your GBP alone to a comprehensive strategy that encompasses your website, backlinks, social presence, and more. Discover the most up-to-date tactics for securing top GBP rankings and staying ahead in local SEO. If you’re a local business owner or SEO enthusiast, you won’t want to miss this exclusive episode!

What You’ll Learn

  • What is Google indexation and its role in determining the quality and relevance of online content.
  • How SEO content changed over the years as a response to Google’s stricter rules and the focus on content quality.
  • When to prioritize high-quality content and why relying on low-quality practices can be counterproductive.
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Jesse Dolan: It’s hard to get ranked in Google Maps. It’s even harder nowadays. We’ve got Victor Perez on this episode here today to share some tips and tricks on how to get your GVP ranking Spoiler, you’re probably gonna have to do some things with your website or some other listings online as well not use your GVP Pay attention to the video today Welcome back to local SEO tactics where you bring you tips and tricks you found online. I’m your host Jesse Dolan. Got a great guest here today Victor Perez. How you doing Victor? Glad to have you on.

Victor Perez: Hey doing pretty good. Thanks for having me on.

Jesse Dolan: Yeah, absolutely been coordinating this with you for a while. So I had a snafu through last week and needed to reschedule So I appreciate you being flexible on that and coming on and yeah, let’s talk about Some SEO today for people.

I think we’re gonna talk mainly kind of about maps, things maps related as the kind of catalyst, but before we get into that with everybody, I want to let them know who you are why you’re on, peel back some of the layers a little bit and get into it. So I’d like to rewind all the way, you were born in Peru, correct me if that’s mistaken.

Victor Perez: Yes, originally came from Lima. So I moved to Florida, South Florida when I was about three years old. Ever since then I went to college at UCF Orlando and now I’m kind of working across South Florida, but I’m over on the Treasure Coast

Jesse Dolan: Treasure Coast I’ve never heard it mentioned like that is that?

Victor Perez: So, yeah, it’s essentially like a whole group of different cities that aren’t that big enough to name by city specifically.

Jesse Dolan: Nice. I like it So speaking of college, obviously, you went to school for SEO like the rest of us, right? I’m sure you have a degree in SEO?

Victor Perez: I have a degree in finance. I had a brief time maybe like three months where I actually worked for a financial firm I actually got a series six. So I did get licensed and everything for that type of industry

Jesse Dolan: And why did you decide to pivot and do this silly gig instead of instead of something more legitimate if you will, right traditionally speaking like that that’s quite a pivot ?

Victor Perez: Yeah, so I think like originally some of the first parts of it where when I worked out a financial firm and this is kind of shared with pretty much every other one out there, but there’s a lot of rules around marketing a lot of regulation obviously around the industry at a whole. So they would always kind of like prevent people from doing anything other than door knocking or cold calling. So I think from an early standpoint already realized that a lot of the work was really just in marketing. Which I think a lot of people a lot of business owners tend to realize but more so, I wanted to hop firms. I wanted to go to a different one or one that I thought was specifically better but you know, they gave me a start date. That was about six months out And I think that was when I started to look into things and I realized that it’s because they just kind of hire everybody as, like as many people as possible and again, they just have them knock on doors. So as one of those where while I was waiting for this six months, I kind of realized what was going on I got lucky. I joined one of the Facebook groups. I believe it was local client takeover and somebody reached out, or somebody made a posting looking for a writer for a website, so I didn’t know what it was all about but that was my start I just started writing and then we started building websites and it kind of went from there.

Jesse Dolan: Never looked back ever since right?

Right. Yeah, I so it was a tiny a tiny two-person agency two-man show with a bunch of virtual assistants. It wasn’t until later, I was kind of discovered and placed into a law firm marketing agency when it was still at its infancy and that was kind of where I made my start in the SEO industry I would say just gaining the experience of what is now over a thousand law firms that I was able to manage under myself.

Jesse Dolan: Yeah a little bit of a legend in some circles for the amount of clients managed and the overall scope there. You want to speak to that for everybody just so they can maybe understand and respect your management and team leadership skills as we get into discussion. Not just being a great SEO nerd like the rest of us, right? Can you speak to that?

Victor Perez: Yes? So I guess that’s what I realized and I didn’t really ever consider myself a leader but it kind of just happened over the course of time as we needed to continuously go through challenges, I guess. But, so I guess to get specific, it wasn’t until about 250 clients monthly paying clients law firms where I finally was able to hire people underneath me. So as far as direct management it went up that was pretty much the highest amount I was ever responsible for. Back then it was everything from onboarding to fulfillment to quality assurance to client retention and even client-facing going on calls and everything. But you know, thankfully over time as I built up a team underneath me having an amazing team. So if anybody’s looking out there, there’s Brian and Daniel we’ve been working for a few years and after, you know, we kind of assembled the team. that’s when we reached, I believe, the most amount of clients we managed together was just about 400. So yeah, so that was over that whole length of time over through that agency Social Fire started. we were able to amass about a thousand different law firms as far as experience.

Jesse Dolan: You know, that’s impressive and I think one of the reasons I was excited to have you on is, at least on paper and through research and knowing about you, that business side, I think it’s pretty unique. There’s a lot of people in SEO, and I joked early like nobody goes to college, we’re for SEO everybody comes to this through something else and discovering it and then really jumping into it. You were I’d just say well down the business path member of, actually pull it back up, in what Delta Sigma Pi as well. Pretty good, you know business fraternity, right pretty well accomplished academically in those those areas. Coming from a family didn’t your parents own run a grocery store growing up, right? So you’re exposed to just a lot of real-world business stuff as well. Not just kind of looking around in marketing.

Victor Perez: So yeah, I would say, you know, I’m definitely grateful to have a family where the whole point of us coming here was to run a business. So that kind of ended up going over towards my work and my work ethic now because everything that I grew to learn was that, you know, you have to put everything into your own family business. So that meant, you know working long hours, or maybe not long hours specifically all the time, but working until the job is done, which at least when things are starting out, that usually means you use up all your weekends and a lot of personal sacrifices are made. But you know, it’s throughout the amount of time that I’ve spent doing just that I kind of got to where I was. So yeah, so I ended up, you know taking after my parents as far as going into the business fraternity This one in particular we did have a really big chapter over at UCF so that was another spot where I was able to get exposure towards like business leadership. And that was when I really started to understand what leadership was and how to guide or manage a team.

Jesse Dolan: I think another trait that you possess through that upbringing, through that education, and just your general direction which I always think is, you know, all SEOs that are good are amazing, right? It can do great things for companies but then somebody understands how this really impacts the business, right? To a business owner and what it means for that growth, not just chasing rankings in Google or having a pretty website, but really how does this impact your business bottom line? Why is this an important form of marketing versus cold calling knocking on doors other methods?

I just think there’s so much more you can do with, you know, when you’re speaking to business owners, managers, people making decisions, how you can translate this stuff and it’s not just it’s not just another marketing campaign. You can really speak to them about how SEO, because our belief, I’m sure yours is too, this is the best ROI and marketing is if you’re doing a good SEO campaign. Why that matters how to stick out, you know from the rest of the marketing and media clutter that they have and when you can understand the business owners perspective, what’s important to them and what this will mean to them and talk intelligently on that, I think that’s important for that client side But then if you can impart that also under your team, like this is why we’re doing it and this is what the end result is for our clients I think that it’s great.

Victor Perez: Oh That’s huge. That’s I mean, I guess that’s one of the more difficult things about building an agency like the ones that we’re working with where like that’s the extra level. That’s how you go above everybody else. So just to put it into perspective, it’s like, you know growing up I could see the amount of like money that it costs or the amount of effort it takes to hire a new employee but now it’s like my team gets to fill out attorney profiles for an attorney that just got hired. After we just scaled the law firm because they’ve been with us for a few years. So it’s one of those where you get to actually act upon the change and really see the amount of benefit that you’re putting back into the real world, which I guess, you know for the first time I’ve always been a big computer nerd, so it’s like the first time I actually get to see how the real world reacts to everything all the hard work that we put in and that’s, I guess that at the end of the day, that’s what keeps you making all the sacrifices that you need to especially as you’re still growing a small agency

Jesse Dolan: Oh, and we’ve talked before on our show, in different conversations, the fact that we get to sell a service that helps businesses grow and achieve their goals and dreams for business owners, you know, that just for me, that’s a full circle thing that really makes a big impact. And yeah, just knowing that you’re doing a good job not selling smoke and mirrors, you know, and snake oil to people, truly giving them some good marketing and some good insights to grow their business and achieve. And yeah, just to reiterate, I think you’re impressive understanding that, that full circle, how that comes around. And let’s dig into some stuff. Dig into some stuff to help some business owners and marketing managers here make some improvements. So what we want to talk about here today, Victor, is really centered around the maps, right?

Google Maps, Google My Business, Google Business Profile, things like that. And talking about, I mean, there’s been a lot of changes. Google’s constantly changing and they’re not slowing down on those changes either.

But really talking about maybe some tactics or some strategies people need to understand for what’s working right now for map ranking, how your website and then the maps kind of played together. Yeah, now things of that nature. So do you have a piece of knowledge or a tip you want to kick off there? Kick off with Victor before I start peppering you with some follow up questions.

Victor Perez: Yeah, I would say just to even get into the topic, it’s one of those where you can definitely get lost with all the updates and all the news that go around. But I think at the bottom line is to focus on what Google’s end goal is. So what their goal is to begin with, what their goal is with  their adjustments on the platform. Obviously, they want people to stay on the platform and the changes that they’ve been making lately are revolving quality, making the experience for the user better and better and better. And simply by doing so and maybe making it tougher for things to get indexed for things to actually end up on the search engine, simply by making tweaks there all of a sudden we start to see places like maybe not even just SEO, but SEO or the gig workers, the white label agencies all of a sudden everything starts to change because a lot of the simple little properties, the little crazy articles that we would spend on no longer end up on Google search and deliver the same amount of push that they used to.

So to even begin with, I would say take a good look at what you’re about to spend your money on and see if that has been adapted over the last few years to match higher levels of quality.

Jesse Dolan: Now, Victor, you mentioned just to clarify for anybody listening about content or some of the materials getting indexed. You want to just elaborate on what that means if somebody didn’t quite understand that phrase and why that matters when you’re talking about it. Right.

Victor Perez: So not everything that exists through the internet is found on Google. It’s only a tiny piece. Now sure, it is a massive amount of data as far as how much they’re continuing, but they can’t actually possibly contain everything. So there have to be rules in place.

Not only that, but the rules have to be a little bit strict because us marketers like to spam pages like crazy once we get a little bit of AI and automation in place. So simply speaking, indexation means if something is indexed, it has been recognized by Google and deemed to be of good enough quality to serve to its users in some capacity. So if your page or your entire website may be hopefully not your whole website, but if your page, your profile, your citation, your directory listing is not found, if you Google search it, that means it’s not indexed. And I would go as far as saying that it’s not contributing to your entire SEO campaign the way that it used to, back when they used to allow more things to end up under index.

Jesse Dolan: Right on. So can you give maybe a few more specific examples of what are these pages, what are these properties, what are these listings that people either have been creating historically if you want to comment on what doesn’t work anymore, or just in general for people who again may not grasp what you’re talking about for what to build and what to put out there.

Victor Perez: Yeah I can name one specific strategy or product that the majority of SEOs are using for maps. So let’s say press releases, digital press release services, or putting out a digital press release, not to say that it doesn’t work anymore, but it has changed tremendously. So I can give an example of people that would sell a press release that was maybe not on AP News, maybe not on Yahoo Finance, like the big ones, but let’s say it’s on tiny little news sites, maybe they don’t even name them because they’ll just say, oh, it’s just a Google news approved site. You know, websites like that where the entire goal of that news site was just to spin up articles or to scrape the internet, that stuff doesn’t index anymore. So there’s a lot of press release services that SEOs still use, which are, it’s definitely the cheaper ones obviously, but they know if you check, like if you get your whole deliverable report of 200, 300 sites that that article was released to, you’ll notice that probably you might have one that is on the Google index, maybe. And there’s some services where I’ll check and none of them index for like a day or two and then it just popped right out.

So all of a sudden there’s a big amount of shift that happens because if you’re just using the cheap stuff like that, that’s not pushing any sort of movements anymore.

Jesse Dolan: Hey everyone, just a quick message about our free SEO audit tool on local and we’ll get right back to the show. If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, go on out to local slash free SEO audits or look for the yellow button up in the top right corner, click that.

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It’s going to kind of give you an overall score of some vital SEO areas for that page and for your website at large, even though it’s auditing this page, that’s going to tell you some of the good things that are happening, some of the bad things that are happening too, and give you basically a checklist of some things that you need to shore up and what you can do to improve your SEO for that page, for that keyword that you’re auditing. Now you can use this as many times as you want. You can do multiple keywords, multiple pages, multiple keywords on the same page. You can even use this to check against your competitors, right? If you want to do a little reverse engineering, see how they’re scoring for a certain keyword, what they may be doing good that you’re not and some things to improve there. So lots of different ways to use it, completely free.

Again, go on to local slash free SEO audit or look for the yellow button in the top right corner of the website. And to your point, so yeah, you create a press release and you push it out and it gets syndicated if you will to 300 different listings online as an owner or whatever your position is, you may be thinking, that’s great, right? I just got this piece of information out to the 300 different outlets, but what you’re really highlighting is, I mean, sure, maybe you get some actual human eyeballs on it and maybe get some people coming back to your business.

Jesse Dolan: Okay, there could be some value there, but specifically from an SEO standpoint and in the eyes of Google, what you’re saying is that those 300 listings, those 300 mentions of your press release online aren’t picked up by Google and you can’t find them in Google search, they’re not indexed by Google, then from an SEO standpoint, that really didn’t give you a whole lot of value, right? For your time or your money, I just meant some.

Victor Perez: Exactly. And yeah, it totally depends on, you know, well, I guess the big shift is, okay, let’s maybe not go for press releases that advertise a thousand plus news sites, knowing that those aren’t going to do anything.

Let’s go for the higher quality ones, the higher quality wires, the ones that are for sure going to work. And I mean, there’s some that will stay like the articles will stay indexed for years if you get the really expensive ones. So yeah, so I guess from a business owner standpoint, it all sounds good, but from the Google search standpoint, why would I fill up my search index with 300 of the same articles when I can deliver a better experience serving users only one iteration, the one iteration being off of the best website off of the wire? So yeah, not kind of like the reasoning behind it.

Jesse Dolan: No, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it, right, from a, from Google standpoint, from quality control standpoint and these things. So not a big mystery, but just something to your point, definitely be aware of. Now your example using there, Victor, is press releases. We’ve talked about citations you mentioned in other things. This applies really to anything that people may be creating for their business though, right? So you have your website, would you control?

We’re not talking about that, right? And we’re not talking about your Google business profile. You’re talking about basically all the other, I usually refer to my third party websites, right? Other areas you mentioned.

Same thing holds true here too, right Victor? Like make sure that the websites you’re engaging with where you’re putting your information out there are in Google, will be on Google and you’re not putting it out there where Google’s never here.

Victor Perez: And even just saying that changes so much from just a few years ago because similarly people that advertise, oh, I’ll do 300, 400, 500 citations for you. If the majority of those don’t index, you’re just wasting your money and time. So yeah, if you apply the same knowledge, which ones are actually getting indexed?

I guess that’s probably the best way to check directly how much value something has if it’s getting crawled and updated on Google search. Everything else, I would say you don’t have to be doing those anymore. Right.

Jesse Dolan: That’s good. because I know I’ve talked to plenty, plenty of clients that come on board and you see so many of these things whether you know whether you go to Fiverr or just different gig outlets or seen it in Facebook groups it’s so easy to push these things out to owners and a lot of this seems so much –

Victor Perez: It’s like 3000 citations!

Jesse Dolan: – overnight huge silver bullet like oh hell yeah I need like just massive quantities this is the secrets all these SEO people do, let me just, you know pay 10 bucks right or pay a couple hundred bucks in some cases and do these things but I think moral story there is like you’re saying do some research first you know you get some examples of the stuff sticking in Google is it existing to begin with? So that’s what we’re looking for. For these things.

Victor Perez: Yeah or is the marketer pushing it because they, again it’s so easy to push it it’s so easy to be like, look how smart I am I have code that can spin out thousands citations right you know it’s so easy to push that in front of people.

Jesse Dolan: No that’s good and I think getting into the weeds a little bit there to help bring some clarity you know for everybody is good because that can be such a confusing part of SEO is like purchasing or utilizing some of these types of services or things I know can be very foggy for everybody so I really appreciate that. Where do you want to go next Victor for for things that are mattering right now for the maps.

Victor Perez: I would say you know press releases still have their effects. It’s not one of those things where you always call for press release to fix a rank but I think a lot of the times when I’m trying to fix a particular category of ranks so a lot of the businesses I work with are law firms so they might have different case types where maybe they rank really well for one case because they’ve always been known for it they’ve always gotten traffic for it they’ve always gotten reviews for it but they’re trying to do something new or they’re trying to go to a new location all of a sudden you know one easy way to push new relevance can be with the press release especially one where you’re getting a high quality one and I mean if you’re publishing something on AP news the Google you know Google is going to have to Google and search engines are going to have to assume that that’s correct especially because places like AP news have a good amount of quality assurance to where they can be trusted like that so I still see a lot of situations where you can address indexation so I’ll give you a tidbit GBP sites I’m still building them a lot of people you know it’s some of them you can’t see it anymore you have to know how to find them now but I’m still building the GBP site so I can put all my citations on there because now I can do a press release that points to the GBP site and force crawls a lot of those citations which I’ve spent time on. There’s a lot of-

Jesse Dolan: Let’s pause there Victor.Yeah – GBP sites. Just like, you know a ton of stuff obviously right? I’m going to slow it down in a few spots here for everybody else. Here we’re talking about the free I’m assuming just to be clear the free website that comes with your GBP which used to be maybe a little bit more prominent now it’s kind of hidden but can you real quick give people a nickel tour on what that is and then why you think it’s still relevant for the example you were just giving?

Victor Perez: It’s a very interesting property for sure because people haven’t really known what to do with it and Google hasn’t known what to do with it either. I mean you could tell it still exists but they don’t show it anymore and on brand new listings you might not even get the option. I had a Google search somebody figured it out on my team there’s just a way to view source and end up opening up the page to edit it, but it’s a mini site, it’s directly attached to your GBP so you can have one for each GBP. It’s a Google property so thankfully it’s one that Google crawls or will crawl as soon as you update it so you can use that to your benefit. Again putting into context indexation is harder now well what if you do a whole list of niche specific citations once that actually get traffic but they’re just not getting crawled or not getting updated. You can throw everything there as well as just a description of the business and what services they do in that location to deeply tie all of the signals together.

Now why do you need to tie things so deeply? A lot of times you don’t and you don’t really need the GBP site in many situations but what if you have a business I know this happens a lot with contractors. What if your name is a little bit generic? What if it’s just city roofing and what if there’s like five other businesses in that city that have a variation of that all of a sudden and this happens a lot with generic names.

The signals, it’s so hard to understand what goes to what when people are searching city something and they either go to your site or sometimes somebody else’s site. So that’s where it can really become a powerful part of your campaign where you can get that specific when it’s needed.

Jesse Dolan: And just kind of lack of a better phrase kind of glue everything together for your entity for your business right like just calling it out specifically by putting those links there and connecting it all together that yeah this is me this is me that’s our stuff.

Victor Perez: That this LinkedIn is for us. This is our Angies List. This is our Yelp. Exactly.

Jesse Dolan: While we were talking I just pulled up for everybody watching and listening. We did this a little bit old is episode 74. We did cover the Google My Business website the free website you may not be using. To what Victor say and know when we covered this back in episode 74. This was the thing you could actually get into an easily managed and utilize. Not very easy to access anymore.

But check that episode out if you want a little bit more of a primer on what we’re talking about. It’s still there it’s just hard to get to and it’s hidden. But a lot of these concepts will still apply.

Victor Perez: It still works the same too.

Jesse Dolan: And so just a backup because I stopped you and said let’s talk about what the heck you’re talking with this Google website right and how to use it. So what you’re saying though is once you can get in there and manage it which maybe we’ll we’ll do another episode down the road to get a little technical with everybody.

Skip that now for time. But use that to put your information your links on, right, this type of stuff you want to get indexed. You can throw out in your Google website Google’s property theoretically they should see it they should recognize it and at least have a chance to get your stuff indexed and recognize so anything else you wanted to add on top of that topic. Victor before I interrupted you.

Victor Perez: Another thing I would mention briefly, which again can be a whole separate topic is network blogs. A lot of people use them in many different ways. I think the best terminology to cover all of the different types is a network blog. Same idea where people used to span lots of pages. Same thing where you can improve the quality but I’m seeing a lot of really big really competitive like law firms in the bigger cities start to leverage network blogs. It can be news websites. It can be like legal research websites, but everybody’s getting separate domains, ranking them, doing their own separate link and content efforts and pushing authority back towards their main brand. Just something I thought I’d introduce very interesting.

Jesse Dolan: So if people don’t know about what would exist for their industry or their area, what maybe just do some Google search and see what results pop up. Do you have any advice there, generically speaking for people?

Victor Perez: You this one’s a little bit tougher to find on your own because they don’t always make it obvious that it’s the property that they own. So you would have to be doing backlink research checking what all links your competitors have. And if you’re in a really big city and a competitive niche, there’s a good chance you’ll end up finding an additional website that that business has that is not meant for services. It’s meant for informational purposes. But yeah, I mean just kind of grabbing an additional like it’s like, okay, to be an authority, you have to be mentioned by other entities, preferably more authoritative entities. You don’t have those, you can build them.

Jesse Dolan: I always liken it with a stupid metaphor, but I moved around a lot growing up, right. So I was always like the new kid at school or not always, but often. And so I kind of liken this to, you know, if you want to be a cool kid, go into the lunchroom the first day, find the cool kid table and sit down there and you’ll get that association, right.

Kind of same thing here. If there’s more authoritative websites in your niche or maybe your local area or both, and you want to be associated with, you know, that niche and that local area. And you got to go sit at the same table as those websites, right, or, or find your subdomain or get your, get your folder on this website like you’re talking. And for everybody to listen and if this is a tactical strategy that maybe is too advanced for you or you’re like how do I find these things what the hell is Victor talking about. We here at Intrycks or Victor and on the map are here for this type of stuff.

You can go to the episode page here will have Victor’s contact information and email there everything else outreach. So don’t feel too bashful if this is something that sounds complicated and technical. This one is a little bit technical and maybe tricky to get to the powerful. What else do you advocate here?

Victor Perez: Yeah, and, and it’s definitely something that it’s not even just business owners but even marketers, some of them still have to kind of learn how to update their processes but outside of that, I mean, I feel like I’ve introduced the whole bunch. Outside of that, I think, my other suggestions are more generic, right, like having reviews, making sure that you’ve noted that review frequency is what has more weight now, not just the aggregation so not just your total reviews that I see that happen with a lot of business owners when they first start with maps SEO they think that oh, my previous years of work will suffice and to a degree. Yeah, you build beautiful relevance and authority, but there’s now weight on frequency. This does help new businesses get into the game.

So I sort of like a catch-up provision type of thing that’s been added to the maps platform. So definitely be mindful of, you know, you can’t just get away with oh, every two months or three months I send out emails for reviews. No, at this point, especially if you’re somebody like a law firm, you need to hire somebody that’s job is to be working on getting real reviews for each of your locations. Like that’s how important it is. And we’re telling, I mean, I’ll tell people right off the bat if I don’t see enough reviews, I’ll let them know. It’s like, I don’t know if you can do this.

Jesse Dolan: No, we, we talk about reviews all the time either on this show or with our clients. You’re dead on man, and I really like how you’re talking about their frequency Because you can’t just get up to 100 or 200 whatever your goal is, and then stop if you think about it, it’s like a real human being or like Google, you know, Victor, if you’re just getting reviews every day, every week, whatever and I’m making these infrequent pushes like which one looks more natural which one looks like a better business how it’s being run and in all things being equal you should win over me in that regard.

Victor Perez: Yeah, and like at this point I know people that even work for like car dealerships where their whole job is to follow up with people just to get reviews like that’s their whole job. That’s how much money it brings in for that business.

Jesse Dolan: Oh, yeah, I love talking reviews just because I mean it’s those user-generated signals, right? It’s like real stuff. It’s not us search marketers Coming up with a clever keyword phrase or a backlink trick, right? This is another human being vouching for the business and giving real signals real proof that it’s legitimate and trusted and yeah, Google would be silly not to put a lot of weight.

Victor Perez: Yeah, I think the other yeah I think the only other advice I’ve put on top of that is yeah invest into it and incentivize what your internal staff to be getting the reviews make a game out of it make the bonus structure based upon reviews but investing into it and paying more so for the better reviews like if somebody puts a video in there and full text Paying somebody way more for that right then not and when I think pay I do mean internal stuff, ndot the end client, right?

Jesse Dolan: That’s definitely getting into some Google guideline issues there, right if you’re paying for reviews or incentivizing Those reviews, but yeah, we always recommend that same tactic get your team on board Because you know what? It’s not easy to confront somebody and ask for review either like there needs to be coaching and training there That’s not a space that most of us are usually comfortable in And it takes some prodding and like you said some game of fine some goals some rewards to do it But as an owner or marketing manager, whatever your position is to influence getting those reviews, man time and money well spent because those real-world signals are just hard to replicate For the traction and the juice that you get so.

Victor Perez: And you can move them with you. I know a guy that was doing he has a towing business. He came from Kansas all the way down here to South Florida. He moved his GBP, just updated the address he brought it all the way over and immediately was just ranking here and just getting business here.

Jesse Dolan: Which you know, makes a ton of sense. You should so it’s still the same guys still the same business so That’s an excellent tip and just reinforcement always stay on those reviews all day every day for you Any other tidbits you want to drop Victor well, right?

Victor Perez: The other side to it. I think I guess the other side to people asking me So yeah, so a lot of people other marketers or even just end clients will ask like what do we do with us? Just GBP specific I think the big thing when you get that question Is to kind of come to them and see if maybe they have outdated info? And like I said before marketers have outdated info sometimes and the business owners themselves for sure will have updated info because if they’re just going to Google and searching stuff off they’re just gonna find like the generic people that rank their stuff up there that aren’t exactly up to date. So as far as what you can do I think you need to address the fact that it’s not so divided anymore because before you could spin up all these little extra properties or additional citations to influence just the GBP. Nowadays you have to look into what kind of traffic are you getting on the site? Because you kind of work your way backwards Who’s ranking the best in the map and now check out their domain? What kind of traffic do they get most of the times the way it works is let’s say if you are the top ranking with the widest radius for DUI queries It’s because you’re ranking for people that search with articles for what happens first time DUI what happens on my second DUI third What happens if? This happened with the breathalyzer It’s people that have traffic for all of those queries that are dominating and oh there’s people over here trying to spin up citations endlessly when they just got a look at the website and what they’re bringing in traffic for what their authority is for now all of a sudden. What does that mean? It means you might have closed down a client on a contract for just maps rankings where now you have to take responsibility of the website, the content, and the links that are getting pointed to it which are way more expensive and now you need to have a web team, you need to know how to work WordPress, you need to know minimal levels of HTML, CSS, you need to know how to work the web builders, unless you’re building it fresh if you’re building it fresh. You need that so on and so forth and it gets really expensive very fast for all the big niches

Jesse Dolan: You know and you’re leaning there towards something that I love talking about, particularly to clients is, we still need you right? We’re an SEO firm. We’re gonna do all this magic for you. Don’t do that yourself like you let the experts be the experts in this area because there’s a ton to learn. Then there’s a ton to stay on top of, we’ll do that. You being expert in your business and we’re gonna need your expertise because to your point Victor, like you’re just saying these different articles on like what happens when this, what to do if that These are questions. I’m sorry. These are answers that your SEO probably can’t answer and like, no offense to you, like a great creative writer professional writer, too. You still need to have the knowledge base or the expertise right and who better than the great five-star thriving business that does this every day, right? So if they want to participate in the SEO and in the web stuff, right? Give us this information. We’ll tell you what kind of articles or what kind of questions or what kind of things are needed outside of just, you know, DUI lawyer near me, right? Because we had to build a knowledge base to make you the most prominent expert in your area for this topic Even if you just want to show up in the maps like you’re saying right that doesn’t really matter anymore that you can just manipulate a thing Google’s getting more sophisticated and really at the end of the day we all have to member their jobs quality control. They want to make sure the best results are at the top, all these things just logically make sense to who is the best results, right? Who’s giving the best answers who’s got the white a scope all these things matter, so

Victor Perez: Oh and even social media. Last thing I’ll throw in there, social media is getting more weight. So if you haven’t already checked I do look at SERPs a lot for the really competitive areas, there’s certain law firms that will pop up a little bit extra higher than they should because they’re getting a lot of traction. Over different mediums like take TikTok, Twitter, YouTube videos, and that has more weight nowadays. So, it’s like oh wow you need somebody to hold on or be responsible for that too like yeah, there’s a lot involved.

Jesse Dolan: Yeah, that’s a great tip. That’s a great tip right there too. And kind of forget about it at the end of the day Maybe because we use Facebook on our phones maybe more than we do our web browser, but that still exists on the internet right that’s still content that’s out there indexable search will or viewable like Google. So that’s a great tip to yeah, just dominate your authority wherever you can online right any digital property where it matters and it’s ranked in Google index by Google right? Pay attention to these things kind of back to what you’re saying earlier, if Google doesn’t know the thing exists, you shouldn’t put your time and energy into that. On the flip side that Facebook, Instagram, any a new social platform that you’re not engaged as a business if it’s popular and Google’s aware of it and millions of other people are, being active on that’s gonna matter for your SEO too right? Maybe not the number one thing, again there’s, I don’t think anything here, Victor was like this one silver bullet people need to pull out and just do this one thing right? That’s not how this works anymore.

Victor Perez: It’s the holistic approach that works the best and also just for anybody wondering, it’s the more specific you are on one thing. So if you like slam your website with links and make your way to the top sure you can make your way to the top sure, but it’s volatile as compared to a holistic approach.

Jesse Dolan: Right, so Victor, I think that’s plenty for people to chew on. We’re gonna put a bunch of information here in the show notes for everybody to reach out to you and everything else, but I’d love for you to just take a minute, tell people what you got going on If you’re comfortable sharing email or maybe websites, how can they reach out to you? How can they contact you learn more information touch base with the things like that? What do you want to share?

Victor Perez: Sure? So it’s first name Victor@onthemap is my work email. Otherwise, we’re pretty active on LinkedIn. We have what we would call superstar or all-star SEO team. So you’ll see that we are pretty like forward public-facing and we’re working on case studies all the time to make sure that people really see all the difference that we put into our campaigns But yeah, I would say check out on the map we’re Miami, mostly law firm focus as far as SEO, but we do other verticals as well, but based in Miami and managing some pretty impressive big ranks at least in South Florida so far, but we’re very quickly taking up some very large cities so be on the look out for the case studies that we’re pushing out there.

Jesse Dolan: Cool! No good stuff Victor. Thanks for sharing like said everybody check out the show notes We’ll have all those links for you through that Victor’s rattled off and yeah, if that’s your niche or your space Look him up.

Look him up. You’re gonna be happy. So, All right, Victor. Thanks for jumping on Appreciate you sharing some wisdom with everybody. Everybody listening watching, hopefully you picked up on some of that and I’ll catch you on the next episode.

Victor Perez: Okay Thank you so much was a great episode or appreciate the opportunity anytime.

Jesse Dolan: All right, everyone I hope you enjoyed that episode. That was great talking with Victor. He shared a lot of good nuggets We had some conversations about some future topics that we’re gonna have Victor back on for to dive a little bit deeper. You can see the wealth of knowledge very smart, very technical with SEO and definitely understands how to get ranked on maps and your Websites and how those all play together. So hopefully you got some good action items I took some good notes and there’s some things that you can do on your GPP website and third-party listings here after this episode Appreciate you tuning in and catch you in the next one. Take care.

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