Can You Use A Virtual Office Address To Setup My Google Business Profile Listing_ - Ep161 (1080x1920)

Why a Co-Working Space may impact your Google Business Profile (GBP) SEO

With the recent influx of remote or home-based businesses, the question of using a virtual office address to set up a business profile listing on Google has come up more often. Location plays a big part in your Google Business Profile (GBP) and if you are working in a co-working space your SEO may be affected. In this episode, Jesse, Bob, and Sue discuss whether or not this is a viable option, and if so, what the best practices are.

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What you’ll learn

  • What you should do if you work remotely or from home to ensure your Google Business Profile is not impacted
  • How other businesses in a co-working space can affect your SEO
  • Why Google may hide or flag a virtual office listing and the alternatives

Jesse Dolan: … so that backdrop being said, can you use virtual offices? Can you use Regus in these places? Yes. Technically, now you can, if you do it the right way. But before I would spend my money on that and think that’s going to work for SEO exposure, and ranking, and visibility, you should look at that address, really zoom in on Google Maps, or even go there, and see if there’s like businesses doing what you’re doing there.

Jesse Dolan: Welcome back to Local SEO Tactics, where you bring you tips and tricks to get found online. I’m your host, Jesse Dolan. This episode, joined by Mr. Bob Brennan. How are you doing, Bob?

Bob Brennan: Hi.

Jesse Dolan: And Sue Ginsburg.

Sue Ginsburg: Hi.

Jesse Dolan: How are you doing today, Sue?

Sue Ginsburg: I’m great. Thanks.

Jesse Dolan: And what topic? Sue, I know you’ve got one lined up for us here. What are we going to talk about today? What kind of problems are we going to solve out there in the digital marketing space?

Sue Ginsburg: Yes, today the question comes to us from both listeners, and clients, and potential clients. It’s a question that we commonly get, and that is, what do you use for an address when you work from a co-working space like WeWork or Regus, and there may be many different businesses at that address? Google views it as a P.O. box, and won’t put up your GBP. Related to this, can you have an individual GBP at the same address as another GBP, like law firms, or doctor’s offices, or clinics that may be in a building with a lot of other tenants-

Jesse Dolan: Sure.

Sue Ginsburg: And it could be the same kind of practice, the same kind of doctor, or a different kind? Really good question, and it is one that I hear commonly, and that comes into us. So that’s what we’ll be exploring today. The quote for the day today is, “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Anybody want to guess who that quote’s from? One of our country’s highest geniuses, other than you, Bob.

Jesse Dolan: George Washington.

Sue Ginsburg: No, Albert Einstein, who is known to have-

Sue Ginsburg: one of highest IQs known to mankind. How do you like that?

Bob Brennan: Wow, wow.

Sue Ginsburg: So just a little background on this question, I recently attended a small law firm conference with a friend and client, and met a whole meeting full of thousands of smart business owner lawyers who were hungry to learn the infrastructure and marketing to put in place to grow their practices. Amazing group of people, and the topic of COVID impact, are we still in COVID? Hybrid, and all this came up frequently. And speaking with many of them, whether they were working from a new office, the same office in their office building, or in a Regus type workspace, I got this question a lot, and they were finding challenges switching their address, or keeping the address, and having it get some traction as we continued on in whatever phase of COVID we’re in, and their flexibility of letting their people and themselves work from anywhere continued.

Sue Ginsburg: As we all know, from the beginning of COVID, it’s been a game-changer for remote work, and those who like it want to keep doing it, and they’re highly aware of the impact that this address issue has on their online presence. In episode 123, we talk about hiding your address on your GBP if you’re working from home, and now a slight twist on that, what do you do if you’re working from a co-working space like WeWork or Regus, or if a you have part-time office space, or you’re in a big building, sharing it with other people that are in the same line of business as you? So for people on the know about the importance of Google ranks, and searches like you two are, what can you say to help us all be smarter about this and choose our workspace, and our address, and our suite number, anything else accordingly? What do you think?

Jesse Dolan: I think I can provide a little context and history for this too, because this is definitely a thing Google has changed-

Sue Ginsburg: Oh.

Jesse Dolan: Their opinion on, if this is allowable, and specifically when we’re talking about, back in the day, GMBs Google My Business, now Google Business Profile, GBPs. Bob, you know, we used to have a lot of different virtual offices, mailboxes, P.O. boxes, there are a lot of things you could do to set up a new business, expand your footprint, set up new GMBs, GBPs. Now whether that was because you were legitimately working remote, or just wanted to pop a GMB in a different part of town to get traction and ranking, because of maybe gray hats, or black hat type marketers, they maybe abused that, Google close that loophole, and really caught onto if it’s a virtual office, a mailbox sharing deal, or a P.O. box, they really put the clam down, and would not allow you to have a business listing, a Google Business Profile at those addresses, because it was abused.

Jesse Dolan: And they literally changed their guidelines and what they’d allow, but during COVID, and with the giant flux of people either working remotely, or needing temporary spaces, or whatever, they did relax those rules, but made it where you still had to show… Because at these virtual offices, like a Regus, you can pay to just have your mail be delivered there-

Bob Brennan: Right.

Jesse Dolan: And then maybe you get access to their conference room once in a while, and that’s super cheap. But you’re not really officing out of there, so when you use that address, the way Google’s looking at it is, that’s a mail stop, you’re not there, clients can’t come there, or you don’t operate out of there. So now you kind of need to fall in the category of like you’re renting an office at these co-working spaces, you’re not just renting an open chair, or a beanbag, or whatever. You have to have an actual office, a suite number, a place where you can receive calls, and do business.

Jesse Dolan: And Google should let you use that kind of an address to set up a GBP, that doesn’t mean I would recommend it, or it’s safe to do, or effective. Because something that’s still a huge factor, and you kind of mentioned it, Sue, is other businesses that do what you do at that same address. There is definitely something proximity, or address filtering, or even business name filtering that Google will do in the map pack. If we do a search in Google for virtually anything, that’s going to trigger the map pack, so any of you listening, watching, whatever, pick some local product or service that you usually get, and near me, or name your city, whatever, do a search, and you’re probably going to find that those three listings that Google shows in the map pack are going to give you some kind of a triangle that spreads a little bit of geographic area. Depending on your service, how dense the competition is, that could be hundreds of yards, it could be tens of miles.

Jesse Dolan: But the thing is, is usually those are the top three that Google’s showing you. If you were to zoom in on any one of those dots that are making that triangle on the map, you’re going to find a lot of other businesses that are in the same business category, or profession within that space, or even closer to one of those dots. And what Google’s doing on purpose is, there’s definitely a layer of, which ones are more authoritative and more trusted based on a lot of signals? But if two of them are right next to each other and pretty equal, Google’s usually going to show one of them, and provide you a larger geographic area.

Jesse Dolan: So kind of a little hidden thing is, is not only do you want to be running an awesome business, and be optimized to show up in your GMB, GBP, and everything else, but you also want to be the only business doing what you do at that address, so you don’t get filtered out. Google’s going to usually show one business at that address, on the initial three pack. If you scroll down through the results, you’re going to find a lot of businesses at that address, but only one of them is going to make it in the top three.

Jesse Dolan: So that backdrop being said, can you use virtual offices? Can you use Regus in these places? Yes. Technically, now you can, if you could do it the right way. But before I would spend my money on that, and think that that’s going to work for SEO exposure, and ranking, and visibility, you should look at that address, really zoom in on Google Maps, or even go there, and see if there’s like businesses doing what you’re doing there. And then it’s kind of a decision, do you have another option? Can you go somewhere else?

Jesse Dolan: I mean, you might need this for your business, period, if this is not an SEO decision, which of course, this is what we’re doing, this is our episode here for this topic on Local SEO Tactics, so this is an SEO-driven conversation, that’s where it’s slanted to. And I should temper it, meaning that only one business will be shown at that address typically, for filtering, in the map pack. It doesn’t mean you can’t be that one business, but what it definitely means is-

Bob Brennan: Yeah.

Jesse Dolan: You’re going to have a hard row to hoe. You’re going to have to do a lot of work for your content, for your brand, getting reviews. Because I think you usually see this question you’re bringing up is when people are starting a business, or getting a new location, so the context for me in this conversation with everybody is usually, “I’m going to…”

Jesse Dolan: “Can I?”

Jesse Dolan: “Will it work?”

Jesse Dolan: And so you’re kind of starting with something. You haven’t worked at this co-working space for five years, and you’re looking to invest in SEO, that’s just kind of not the head space. So doing some of these things as soon as you can, as much as you can, the reviews, the optimization on your GBPs, advancing beyond everybody else, and then of course, last but not least, a ton of work on your website, it’s got to be critical of this. This is an address-driven, GBP-driven, Google My Business-driven question, but your website comes into play for that ranking. And if you’re definitely faced with a couple things that make this an uphill battle, like the proximity and address filtering with like businesses, and the fact that you’re in a remote or virtual office environment to begin with, makes this a little more challenging for you, so you better be hitting it on all cylinders.

Jesse Dolan: Yeah, I guess that’s my general overall take, but then something… This isn’t anything I’ve tested, or Bob’s tested, or we have first-hand experience, this is more from the SEO industry overall, a rule of thumb people say if you have to do this is, take the address of your virtual office you’re looking to use, plug it into Google, and see if it returns search results literally calling it a virtual office, if it’s Regus, or, or whatever it is, if it’s being marketed as a virtual address, the likelihood of Google knowing this is a virtual address is very high, and that may be in disadvantage to you. But instead, if Bob at, which is not a real thing, everybody, but I guess it could be maybe, if Bob is not marketing it as a virtual office, co-working space, whatever, overtly, but does allow it, then it’s a little bit more of a hidden thing, and Google may not realize that it’s a virtual office, co-working space.

Jesse Dolan: And thus, you won’t get discredited for that a little bit, and that would be to your advantage. So if you have the ability to look at multiple virtual offices, or options like this in your geographic area, try to find the most covert stealthy one, and choose that if possible, otherwise, it’s kind of pick your poison, which uphill battle you want to face with going this route. Best route is always get your own unique address somewhere, and use your house if you have to, and hide your address, or show it, either way. Do I need to dive anywhere else, or do you guys have any questions on that? I kind of presented a full circle on that topic in general, but what do you guys think? Does that help what everybody’s looking for do you think?

Sue Ginsburg: I think it does. Now, what comes-

Bob Brennan: Yeah, I mean, one other thought… Go ahead, Sue. I’m sorry.

Sue Ginsburg: I was just going to say, what comes to mind is when you’re thinking about these dense downtown high-rise buildings, how does Google view that? Is it Regus being a collective workspace, whatever you call them, versus a high-rise building that has 42 floors, and it might be a little harder? Or are those the same things in Google’s-

Jesse Dolan: Same thing there, Sue.

Sue Ginsburg: Wow.

Jesse Dolan: Same thing there from an SEO perspective.

Sue Ginsburg: Wow.

Jesse Dolan: If I’m law firm, or an accountant, whatever, and I want to be downtown, if I can choose, I don’t want one of my competitors being in that same high-rise.

Sue Ginsburg: Wow.

Jesse Dolan: I want to move down the block a little bit, because it doesn’t matter if… The thing I’m talking about from the filtering, proximity, name, address type stuff, that’s not unique to being a virtual office, that’s at that address-

Sue Ginsburg: Right.

Jesse Dolan: It could be a legitimate business park somewhere, or a high-rise like you’re saying, but dense businesses, you definitely want to be away from your competitors, and I mean literally digital competitors too, even if they’re similar business, but different, if they’re showing up for your keywords-

Sue Ginsburg: Okay.

Jesse Dolan: At that address, I would want to be away from them. Definitely a different scale of conversation if I’m a tenant in a high-rise, versus a virtual office somewhere.

Sue Ginsburg: That’s super interesting.

Jesse Dolan: Same concept applies there though for distancing.

Sue Ginsburg: Wow.

Jesse Dolan: What were you going to add, Bob?

Bob Brennan: Yeah, maybe this is gray hat and goes against grain, but I mean, if you have a friend who’s a realtor, and has his own, literally, his or her own realtor office, and you’re something that, I don’t know, let’s say an auctioneer or something, where nobody’s going to really come to your office, I mean, in theory, you could set up a Google-

Jesse Dolan: Yeah.

Bob Brennan: If your buddy’s okay with it, in their office. I mean, that’s an extreme situation, it does not play nice with Google’s rules, but business is never cut and dry, so-

Jesse Dolan: That can be okay with Google’s rules, Bob, I would say, literally between you and your buddy, if you just, on the back of a napkin, a sublease, something… If you just need to make it official somehow that-

Bob Brennan: Yeah.

Jesse Dolan: Yeah, this is going to be my address, and you use that to set up your GBP, go for it.

Bob Brennan: Yeah, because-

Jesse Dolan: Go for it. I would do that in heartbeat over a virtual office.

Bob Brennan: Yeah, because there are a ton of businesses out there, formal or informal, that offer, when you think about it, pretty different services, and in some cases they-

Jesse Dolan: Yep.

Bob Brennan: I mean, it’s legit, Batteries Plus is an example-

Sue Ginsburg: Yeah.

Bob Brennan: Where they sell batteries, but then they repair cell phones, and-

Jesse Dolan: Right.

Bob Brennan: There’s no real connection there. So again, they’re setting up another entity within Batteries Plus, that provides that service, so-

Jesse Dolan: And literally, to your point, we’ve worked with clients in the space, we know, and we’ve seen it first-hand, they will have a listing for the Batteries Plus, and then they will have a listing for the phone repair entity-

Sue Ginsburg: Yeah, yeah.

Jesse Dolan: That’s part of their company, but somewhat separated-

Bob Brennan: Yeah.

Jesse Dolan: At the same address, doing exactly what you’re talking, two GBPs-

Bob Brennan: Yep.

Jesse Dolan: At the same address, different company, but different brands and entities, and most importantly, different business categories and services within GBP.

Bob Brennan: Yep.

Jesse Dolan: So they’re not conflicting, or cannibalizing at all.

Bob Brennan: Yeah. Again, at the end of the day, you’ve got to put your head on the pillow, but ultimately, you can find a way to get yourself spread throughout a major market in that manner, it might just work.

Jesse Dolan: Hey, everyone, just a quick message about our free SEO audit tool on, and we’ll get right back to the show. If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, go on out to, or look for the yellow button up on the top right corner, click that, and it’s going to take just a of couple seconds, you enter in the page that you want to optimize, what you’re looking for, the audit to score against, enter in that page, enter in the keyword you’re looking to get optimized for, and enter in your email address, click the button, and it’s going to take you a few seconds, and then it’s going to send you off a PDF report via email. It’s a great report, it’s going to kind of give you an overall score of some vital SEO areas for that page, and for your website at large, even though it’s auditing this page, that’s going to tell you some of the good things that are happening.

Jesse Dolan: Some of the bad things that are happening too, it can give you basically a checklist of some things that you need to shower up, and what you can do to improve your SEO for that page, for that keyword that you’re auditing. Now, you can use this as many times as you want, you can do multiple keywords, multiple pages, multiple keywords on the same page. You can even use this to check against your competitors, if you want to do a little reverse-engineering, see how they’re scoring for a certain keyword, what they may be doing good that you’re not, and some things to improve there. So lots of different ways to use it, completely free. Again, go on to, or look for the yellow button in the top right corner of the website.

Jesse Dolan: I was just going to say, if you’ve got a buddy, I forget your example, Bob, but if your buddy’s an accountant, whatever, you’re going to throw 150, 200, 300 bucks, whatever it is at Regus, or WeWork, or whatever, hey, if your buddy will let you rent space there, use the address, and things like that, maybe even use this conference room if you ever need a meeting place, throw your buddy 100 bucks a month-

Bob Brennan: Yeah.

Jesse Dolan: Put it in-

Bob Brennan: Yeah.

Jesse Dolan: Your friend’s pocket. You’re getting better value than your co-working space anyways, and as long as it’s all legal, and copacetic, and the landlord knows what’s going on, do it the right way, and that’s a win-win for everybody.

Bob Brennan: Yeah, and I can’t say that-

Bob Brennan: It’s a good idea if you’re a person that cuts hair, and you’re trying to pull something like that off, and-

Jesse Dolan: It’s got to be a good fit.

Bob Brennan:

Your buddy’s a realtor, and you’ve got all these people showing up, like, “Hey, I’m here to get my haircut.” And, “Yeah, my buddy’s van’s out back, just go get in it.” Or whatever.

Jesse Dolan: Yeah.

Bob Brennan: But it’s got to kind of work, in that people don’t really report to that office, but they do call it, and they don’t necessarily expect… As an auctioneer, they expect you to come out to their place, and do their deal, you get the idea. So what were you going to say, Sue?

Sue Ginsburg: I was going to ask, in any of those situations where whether it’s a high-rise, or it’s a co-working space, does it help if you always include your suite number, or your office number in the address? Does that help at all?

Jesse Dolan: Yeah, 100%. Yeah, definitely it does. Definitely does. It doesn’t mean Google always kind of gives it credit. Again, there’s a lot of factors, they’ll decide, again, if they’re going to show you and your prominence and all that, but be explicit and specific, for sure. And I’ll go back, piggybacking off what you said, Bob, too, I’ve got my notes here for some of the bullet points. This is similar, but piggybacking off what you said here, the point here is, before using a co-working space, consider contacting other businesses with an ideal address about subleasing from them. So your point of, if you’ve got a buddy, hey, that’s cool, super easy, but if you may be a little more invested, a little more strategic, and again, if you do a Google search, if you’re a little more advanced in your planning here, do some searches for the products and services, find the map pack, find that [inaudible 00:20:16] on that triangle, or where they’re showing.

Jesse Dolan: And I guess one of the key things here too, everybody’s got to keep in mind, this overrides all of this, let’s talk Minneapolis, Minnesota for a specific city. If you want to be found for searches in Minneapolis with your GBP, especially if you’re launching one, if you don’t have a less prominence and authority in history, you have to be inside of Minneapolis for that address.

Bob Brennan: Yeah.

Jesse Dolan: Do a Google search for Minneapolis, Minnesota, look at the map, Google’s going to show you what it considers Minneapolis to be, your address needs to be in there, whether it’s the WeWork space, the Regus space, your accounting buddy, or a business you don’t know of, but you’re going to contact them and ask for a sublease because they happen to be in the right spot, make sure you’re in the city you’re attacking, or it’s not going to work otherwise.

Bob Brennan: Right.

Jesse Dolan: So yeah, if you find an ideal address, maybe it’s a business park, or, Sue, it’s a high-rise, depends how cold-calling friendly you are, but start knocking on doors, see who’s available, and both negotiate a sublease if that’s your best address, and it’s going to work wonders for you, consider that too over a co-working space.

Jesse Dolan: And, Sue, the last thing I want to mention with the co-working, remote virtual office set up is, even if it does work, again, understand that it used to work, Google kind of put the kibosh to it, they allowed it again because of COVID, guarantee that they’re going to allow it to going forward in the future, or maybe change the rules again, that’s a bit of a question mark and unknown, and for me, that lack of confidence would be… Hopefully you’re not spending a lot of money to do it, because it could kind of go away, or you could suddenly lose ranking, and get demoted if they decided to tweak it later, and not want the exposure in these things. I’d much rather, myself, go for Bob’s version, finding a business with an ideal address, or again, going back to your home. The problem there is, if your home’s not in Minneapolis, you want to rank in Minneapolis, then that’s what you’re looking for, is a location in Minneapolis, but I think those options are for sure the safest, for sure the safest.

Sue Ginsburg:

Well, and while some of the things you’re saying may sound far-fetching, you’re reminding me of a very smart client that we had, that was looking to add another location, and ran some addresses by you-

Jesse Dolan: Yep.

Sue Ginsburg: To say, “Which of these is the better one?” Based on all of the things we’re talking about. So it is real-

Jesse Dolan: That might be that awesome expanding client we had on for an interview recently-

Sue Ginsburg: It could be.

Jesse Dolan: That has a business that’s just exploding and expanding. So, no, absolutely great point, good point.

Sue Ginsburg: It’s real, it’s real. And anything else for me?

Jesse Dolan: I’ve got to ask you guys a question.

Sue Ginsburg: Yeah?

Jesse Dolan: Bob, you mentioned, I even subtly threw out their gray hat, and black hat earlier. You mentioned gray hat again, but nobody’s mentioning the fact that I’m literally wearing a baseball hat on-

Sue Ginsburg: Gray hat.

Jesse Dolan: An episode here. Usually, we’re showing our hairdos, and this says Intrycks on it, and it’s a gray hat for a reason. If we’re being kitchy, and really getting-

Jesse Dolan: About the marketing, we do SEO, it’s not a white hat, at the very least, it’s a gray hat if not, a black hat, we’ve talked about that before. At the end of the show, we usually pitch this, but I can’t take it anymore, because nobody’s talking about my hat, so I’ve got to tell everybody. We always say, if you want to call in a question, if you’ve got a question we want to talk about on the show, we’re going to send a free t-shirt, we have hats to add to the bribery pile now.

Sue Ginsburg: Whoa.

Jesse Dolan: Yep. Yep, we’ll give you the option, there’s nothing online yet or official, this is like a pre-launch I guess here, but if you do want to submit a question, go to, go down to the bottom, click the button for submit a question, as always, you can type it in, but if you want to call it in, even if we don’t have it online, trust, we’ll ask you if you want a baseball cap, or a trucker hat, I guess we should say, Sue, we were joking about that, it’s a trucker hat style, or a t-shirt. Take your pick, and hopefully, more merch to come down the road. So-

Bob Brennan: So, I’ve got a question.

Jesse Dolan: Not in the right spot, but…

Bob Brennan: Are any of your kids wearing the merch yet, or what?

Jesse Dolan: They’ve been presented the option to have a hat, so far my family is, they’re collecting the hat, I think, they’re preserving it.

Bob Brennan: Yeah. No, I’ve got one kid who’s wearing it, so it’s a little strange, but it’ll work.

Sue Ginsburg: Well, and-

Jesse Dolan: I’ve been wearing them all over the place, work and on Zoom meetings.

Sue Ginsburg: Thanks to us getting these hats, I was able to get schooled by Jesse on what is a trucker hat, and what is a dad hat, which was previously unknown to me.

Jesse Dolan: Dad hat. It’s a good point, Sue. I am wearing the trucker hat, the snap back mesh-back, trucker hat. Totally free, by the way, we’re not selling these, even though it sounds like it. Then you have the dad hat, is the all-cloth, with the buckle in the back. Everybody listening, you’ll wet your appetite,, Sue, it will have glamorous pictures of both options for you.

Sue Ginsburg: Right. And please, for my-

Jesse Dolan: It’s the things you know.

Sue Ginsburg: That’s right. For my own edification, if there’s anybody else out there who didn’t know the difference between a dad hat and a trucker’s hat, please let me know, so I don’t have to salt about this topic-

Jesse Dolan: There you go.

Sue Ginsburg: Okay?

Jesse Dolan: Yeah, I didn’t know what it was until T.J. in our team requested if we could get a dad hat-

Jesse Dolan: Style hat.

Sue Ginsburg: Okay.

Jesse Dolan: What was that? Yeah, and then you go to the Google machine, and you do some reverse SEO, and trying to figure out what the heck T.J. was talking about. So, Sue-

Sue Ginsburg: Okay.

Jesse Dolan: I threw that in there at the wrong spot of our format. I’ll throw it back to you for kind of wrapping up-

Sue Ginsburg: Okay.

Jesse Dolan: The episode, and then I won’t mention, submit a question at the end.

Sue Ginsburg: Okay. Well, thank you for those answers, very helpful, informative, and may make some people’s lives a little more challenging, but the facts are what the facts are. And I say, if you remember one thing-

Jesse Dolan: Yep.

Sue Ginsburg: And one thing only, remember this, Google’s guidelines have changed, and are changing, and will continue to change as the remote workplace continues to evolve. Ideally, you want to be the only business with your address doing what you do, and keep this in mind when choosing your office location as much as possible. It’s a lot easier to make this happen intentionally when you’re looking for office space, than when you realize you’re not the only business in your building doing this, and, “Why is everybody always going to the other one?”

Jesse Dolan: Yep.

Sue Ginsburg: Quote of the day again, “Life is like-

Sue Ginsburg: Riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein, Bob Brennan, and Jesse Dolan, three of the highest IQs known to mankind. How’s that?

Jesse Dolan: The statements reflected in this episode, do not… What’s that disclaimer?

Jesse Dolan: You can’t believe everything Sue said at the end there.

Bob Brennan: Confirm any of this, ask my wife.

Sue Ginsburg: Yeah, right.

Jesse Dolan: Yeah, right.

Sue Ginsburg: Feel free to fact check.

Jesse Dolan: Oh, that’s good, Sue. Thank you-

Jesse Dolan: Thank you, Sue. That’s our new Twitter bios right there-

Sue Ginsburg: Good.

Jesse Dolan: Is going to be, one of the top three smartest people.

Sue Ginsburg: Good.

Jesse Dolan: Bob, any other closing thoughts on this episode?

Bob Brennan: No. No, I think it was a great topic, it’s just one more factor when you’re running your business you’ve got to think about, and it used to be, location, location, location, in a sense it still is-

Jesse Dolan: Yeah.

Bob Brennan: You’ve got to-

Jesse Dolan: Yeah.

Bob Brennan: Think about it also for the world of Google.

Jesse Dolan: Yep. That’s a great way to frame it up, man.

Sue Ginsburg: Yeah.

Jesse Dolan: All right, Sue, thanks for the good topic. Bob, good insight. Everybody listening, hopefully that helps you out if you’ve been thinking about these things yourself, or if nothing else, put that in the inventory for later for decisions. And yeah, continue to progress, catch you all on the next-

Sue Ginsburg: Yeah.

Jesse Dolan: Episode. See you guys soon.

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